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Beemans Chewing Gum

Beemans Chewing Gum


Despite having been discontinued several times, Beemans Gum keeps getting brought back into production due to cult-like demand for the vintage treat. Originally made with pepsin and chicle, "Beeman's Chewing Gum" was marketed as a digestion aid, and went on to become popular with pilots due to the antacid properties of pepsin and agitation of stomach acid while in flight. This, combined with the ear-pressure equalizing characteristics of chewing any type of gum, helped Beemans gain it's reputation as the "lucky gum" of aviators. It is no longer made with pepsin, but retains it's classic mild wintergreen flavour. 

Fun Facts: Like it's anise-flavoured counterpart Black Jack gum, Beemans gum has appeared in several forms of media over the years, including The Right Stuff, Hot Shots!, Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Disney's Tomorrowland, and even as a key plot point in The Rocketeer

Size: 5 sticks per pack, approx. 7cm X 2cm

Ingredients: Sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, artificial flavour, humectant (glycerin), emulsifier (soy lecithin). 

Allergy Information: Contains Soy & BHT

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