Opening November 1st: Gummi Boutique Airdrie
Opening November 1st: Gummi Boutique Airdrie
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Our Story

Gummi Boutique

Your one-stop shop for all things candy, sodas, and ice cream!


First established in 2011, Gummi Boutique quickly became Calgary's premier candy destination. With an incredible selection of candies, novelty sodas, and other imported products, our mission has always been to bring you the best of the best!
As of 2019, the store has been taken under the wing of Gary and Cael, a father-son duo extraordinaire. Operated as a family business, Gummi Boutique flourished over the course of the following years. We've greatly expanded our product repertoire, bringing in candies from all around the world and even opening up an ice cream bar. Becoming an active player in the greater Calgary community, supporting local charities as well as the Alberta Children's hospital, has been our greatest pleasure! And, while 2020 was no easy year for anybody, we've enjoyed the continued support of our local community. Without you, we would not be here today!
Going forward, it's our wish to keep supporting you through the years, whether it be at birthdays, weddings, or anniversariesyou name it, we'll be there!
Signed, Caelen A. Haney 


Meet the Staff


Cael is the right-hand man here, at Gummi Boutique! With extensive knowledge in business management and customer relations, it is his hard work that has allowed Gummi Boutique to grow beyond our imagination. He enjoys anthropology and painting, and most of his free time is spent indulging in art. Cael is often the first person you see walking into Gummi Boutique, and the last person you'll forget! 

His favourite candy: Nerds Gummy Clusters.



Blake is a University of Alberta alumni with a penchant for quirky writing and fun marketing campaigns! They enjoy magic realism, playing video games, and birds. On most days, you can find them either behind or under the counter, where they're likely answering any emails, comments, or concerns. If you've got questions, Blake has answers for you!

Their favourite candy: Floral Gums. 



The resident songbird of Gummi, if you’ve ever heard singing behind the counter, it’s likely you’ve come across her before! If you’ve got a favourite candy that you can’t seem to find, she’s full of recommendations to help you find your new favourite treat!

Her favourite candy: Strawberry frosty bottles & old fashioned lemon drops.



Jo is a proud Korean-Canadian who has grown up actively involved in the local community. They are currently studying computer science in hopes of entering the tech field to advocate for greater accessibility to all. In their free time, Jo decompresses by playing Stardew Valley, writing in their bullet journal and by learning about as many subjects as possible.

Their favourite candy is: anything peach flavoured.



Devon is a freelance illustrator and costume-maker with a focus on fantasy and fashion. They are also a happy member of the Gummi Boutique family and are ready to help you pick out your next candy haul!

Their favourite candy is: Sour Patch Kids.