To assist our valued customers, Gummi Boutique staff and management have committed to continue providing you our delicious and fun products. Though our physical store is now open to customers, we will continue to offer both delivery and pickup services so that you may continue enjoying the sweet reprieve of our candy in the comfort of your own home. 

No Contact delivery for $5.99 on orders of a minimum of $25 within Calgary and Airdrie city limits. 
**Please allow 24-48 hours for processing. Deliveries will be carried out Monday through Friday.

Normal shipping continues throughout the rest of Canada as well as worldwide!


─── ・ Frequently Asked Questions ・ ───


Q: How does contactless delivery work? How are you ensuring the safety of your customers and employees? 

A: Contactless delivery ensures the safety of our customers and employees by making sure that proper social distancing protocol is maintained throughout the transaction. Our driver will leave your order in a secure spot, ring the doorbell, and then retreat a safe distance away from your door before waiting a few moments to see if the order is received. In the event that our customers do not retrieve their package right away, our driver will notify them via text that their order has arrived. 

Q: What time should I be expecting my delivery? 
A: Our driver generally departs the store after we have closed with all orders placed prior to that time. Your patience is greatly appreciated as Calgary is a large city and we map out all deliveries according to time and proximity. You should receive your order no later than 8:30 PM.

Q: Do you offer curbside pickup? 
A: Yes, we do! Curbside pickup is available for orders placed in advance through our website, and can be retrieved Monday to Sunday between the hours of 12PM and 4PM. 

Q: I am unable to find the pick up option. Could you walk me through the process?
A: Of course! After adding all of your items to the shopping cart, you can go ahead and press the checkout button at the bottom of the page. If you have ordered from us in the past, there is a high chance our system will push you straight through to the shipping section; however, beneath the banner of the page, you should see the header: "Cart > Information > Shipping > Payment. Click on the Information tab, and in the section titled, "Delivery", select the Pick Up button instead of the Ship one. From there, the website should allow you to pick our store's Kensington location and then prompt you to submit your payment. If there are any other questions, you can always email us at or find us by phone 587-353-0031. 

Q: Can you deliver to an area outside of Calgary or Airdrie?
A: Unfortunately, Gummi Boutique is unable to offer delivery to anywhere outside of Calgary and Airdrie. We currently only have one driver on shift, meaning that all orders outside our delivery zone will have to be shipped through Canada Post. Thank you for your understanding in the matter!

Q: How long will it take for my order to be delivered/ready for pickup?
A: We ask for your patience in allowing us 24 hours for processing orders, as well as delivery time. Our delivery queue is established according to time of order as well as distance from the store, so as to ensure that we can deliver as many orders within the shortest time. To that extent, we have been able to offer same-day delivery to most orders placed before 4PM! Once again, we thank you for your understanding!

Q: Why do you only carry out deliveries Monday-Friday? 
A: Currently, all deliveries are carried out by our owner. Unfortunately, this means that we are restricted in how many orders can be carried out throughout the week. If you require us to carry out a delivery at a certain time, we encourage you to give us a call, email, or message via any of our social media accounts to arrange something in advance. With a bit of heads up, we should be able to fulfill your request regardless!

Q: Are you open inside for shopping?

A: Yes, our store is open to the public. Please stay tuned for an updated schedule as we figure out how to best accommodate our customers!

Q: What measures have you taken to comply with COVID-19 operating policies inside your store?
A: Gummi Boutique management is committed to ensuring the safety of both its staff and customers. To this extent, we have taken a number of different measures!
Firstly, you will find that our floors have clearly been marked for both flow of traffic and proper social distancing protocols. We are also operating with limited capacity, allowing at no time more than Eight customers and two employees inside. Everyone within the store will be asked to maintain the proper six feet/two meters distance between themselves and the next person. Self-serving is currently prohibited in our bulk candy areas, and we ask that customers ask for assistance from one of our staff members. All high-contact surfaces, such as counters, debit machines, doors and door handles, utensils, and other equipment is cleaned and sanitized after each use.
Our employees are wearing protective equipment, such as facial masks and gloves, both of which are replaced regularly (masks daily and gloves after each use). While we continue to accept cash, we ask that you pay with debit/credit tap whenever possible. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we all get accustomed to working in these novel circumstances!

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, GooglePay, ShopPay, as well as Visa Debit.

Q: Can I order a specific product that is not in stock on your website?
A: For any special inquiries, feel free to email us at; however, with current delays in shipping across Canada and the United States, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to bring in your desired product at the moment. 

Q: I have an allergy/intolerance, what options do you have for me?
A: We offer a variety of products that are Gluten Free, Nut Free, Gelatin Free, Sugar Free, Halal, Kosher, Vegan, and more. You can always email/message us for more information, or just place a note in your order when checking out!

Q: What's included in your Isolation Care Packages
A: Each Isolation Care Package is filled with candy and chocolate according to price point and availability of products, meaning that each one is different from the last. With that said, you can always leave us a few guiding notes on the type of products you would like included, and we will do our best to accommodate your requests!