Gummi Rewards

Sign-up is quick, easy, and the rewards are instant! Receive a $5 off coupon when registering and redeem it right away. 


─── ・ Program Perks ・ ───


New Customer Offers:

  • Receive a $5 off coupon, redeemable immediately.
Friend Referral
  • Receive a $5 off coupon for each friend your refer!
Leave a Review
  • Receive 100 Gummi points. 
Birthday Rewards
  • Each year, you'll receive a $5 off coupon for an extra special birthday gift!


─── ・ Frequently Asked Questions ・ ───


Q: Can I access my account online or just in-store?

Gummi Rewards is available both online and offline.

Q: Will outstanding points be transferred to my new account?

Yes! We will honour all unused points. If you notice that your point balance is not accurately reflected on your new account, please contact us immediately at:

Q: I've changed my phone number. Do I have to start over entirely?

No, you won't have to! Your old account's point history can be manually linked to a new account. All we need is your name, your old phone number, and your new phone number!

Q: I share my account with my children. Can we redeem birthday vouchers for multiple birthdays?

You sure can! Family accounts can share multiple birthdays under a parent's name and phone number.