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Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks


Pop Rocks are the world's #1 popping candy! Chemist William A. Mitchell, who worked for General Foods for 35 years stumbled upon the candy by chance. He was actually working on an instant soft drink when he accidentally mixed the first Pop Rocks prototype! They were first patented in 1956 but didn't make it onto shelves until almost two decades later though. Good things take time!

Fun Fact: In the 70's a story circled that eating Pop Rocks in combination with Coke would cause enough gas to explode your stomach, leading to widespread panic over the treat.  These rumours were so persistent that General Foods set up a hot line and media blitz to set the record straight.  You can watch the Mythbusters dudes debunk this in their very first episode, where they combined six packs of Pop Rocks and a six pack of soda inside a pig stomach, causing a fair amount of fizz, but nowhere near the gas needed to cause a medical issue.

Size: 0.33oz/9.5g

Bubble Gum: Sugar, lactose (milk sugar), gum base (soy), maltodextrin, citric acid, glycerine, corn syrup, artificial flavour, artificial colour (Red #40), BHT (Antioxidant).

Chocolate: Sugar, cocoa butter, lactose (milk), milk powder, cocoa mass, glucose, butter, emulsifier lecithin (soy), artificial flavours.

Green Apple: Sugar, Lactose (milk), corn syrup, malic acid, artificial flavour, Blue 1, Yellow 5 (tartrazine).

Watermelon/Grape/Tropical Punch/Cherry/Blue Raspberry/Cotton Candy: Sugar, Lactose (milk), corn syrup, artificial flavour, Red #40 (grape, cotton candy, watermelon, cherry), Blue #1 (grape, cotton candy, tropical punch, blue raspberry).

Allergy Information: Contains milk. Bubble Gum and chocolate flavours include soy. All are processed with carbon dioxide.

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