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Sea-Monkeys Instant Life

Sea-Monkeys Instant Life


Legendary Sea-Monkeys that really come to life from science fiction-like suspended animation have been North America's favourite aquatic pets for nearly four decades. And no wonder!  Because they hatch instantly, they've been flown in outer space (by NASA) to see what happens to animals born in a gravity-free environment (they grew bigger and faster!)

This instant life kit includes all the pouches that a full kit would include, you just need to provide your own container to breed your new pets in. It also works great if you already have a container and just want MORE Sea-Monkeys!

- Feeding spoon
- 3 pouches:
    -#1: Water purifier for 10 oz (300cc) of water
    -#2: Instant live Sea-Monkey Eggs
    -#3: Sea-Monkey Food

- Instruction Sheet

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