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Mega Man Mints

Mega Man Mints


With over fifty releases, Mega Man is Capcom's most prolific franchise! You can hold a piece of this pop culture phenomenon close with this awesome 8-bit tin with a curved design to fit comfortably in a hip pocket.  The strong peppermint flavour will help you fight off nasty bad breath baddies, they're so cool even Fire Man won't stand a chance!

Fun Facts: UGO Networks listed Mega Man as one of the best heroes of all time and called him “one of the most iconic video game heroes of all time. Mega Man is known as "Rocketman" in Japan.

Size: 7cm x 10cm x 1.25 cm, 1.23oz / 35g

Ingredients: Dextrose, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, natural and artificial peppermint flavours.

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