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Lunch Box - Unicorn Believers Club

Lunch Box - Unicorn Believers Club


Unicorn power! Prance like nobody's watching!
This magical lunch box features two different gorgeous and colourful images on the front and back, and is perfect for storing almost anything your heart could desire! Keeps treasures and lunches alike safe. 

The Unicorn Code:
- Unicorns never cheat
- Unicorns always lend a helping hand
- Unicorns always consider the well-being of others
- Unicorns respect the Earth
- Unicorns are never late
- Unicorns aren't conceited
- Unicorns dont' judge people
- Unicorns always give 100%
- Unicorns only use their horns if they have to

Length:  20.5cm / 8"
Width:   10cm / 4"
Height:  17.5cm / 7"

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