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Doctor Who Monopoly

Doctor Who Monopoly


Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who with this very special edition of Monopoly! The Doctor first appeared on our television screens in 1963 when William Hartnell portrayed him as a mysterious and cantankerous old man.  Viewers were immediately hooked on the show which featured the eccentric hero travelling through space and time in a battered old Police Box which he called the TARDIS.

With a unique set of U.N.I.T and Gallifrey cards and some amazing playing pieces based on the Doctor's costumes across his regenerations, this special edition of Monopoly is a must for any Whovian, old or new!

Tour the galaxy for the hottest properties: Episodes, Spaceships, and Landmarks are all up for grabs.

Includes 6 very special tokens: The Seventh Doctor's Umbrella, the Second Doctor's Recorder, the Fifth Doctor's Celery, the Eleventh Doctor's Bowtie, The Sonic Screwdriver, and the Fourth Doctor's Scarf. 

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